What Type of Music Is Presented By the Choruses?

Both the Men's and Women's Choruses sing a a wide variety of sacred and secular music.  The Men sing in four-part harmony (first tenor, lead tenor, baritone and bass) and Women sing in three-part harmony (first soprano, second soprano, alto).

Where Do the Choruses Perform?

We perform at a variety of both small and large venues throughout Lincoln, Nebraska from May through December.  We have performed for City of Lincoln Veterans Day celebrations, Men's and Women's Clubs, Service Organizations,  retirement homes and hospitals.

What Are The Fees For Booking One of The Choruses?

The Choruses are tax-exempt non-profit organizations that perform free of charge.  The Choruses encourage and gratefully accept donations to cover operating expenses and for the purchase of music and supplies.

Crestwood Christian Church

8000 A. St.

Lincoln, NE 68510

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